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The world is aware of the effects of global warming and resource depletion. Clean and Green Energy is the need of the hour.

Our management, with a view to contribute its share, is working in the field of renewable energy space as a solar system Integrator.

Solar Power generation is a clean energy system that generates electricity from sunlight that falls on the earth. Solar energy is very eco-friendly and it doesn’t contribute towards global warming at all as the other fossil fuel power plants do hence can be used just about anywhere in large buildings, in factories, in residential homes. Solar power plants make the ideal utilization of sun’s energy and are helping the future generations from being powerless even in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity from grid. It is clean exhaustible energy source with abundant energy and flexible options.

At “Anubal Energies” we are focused on developing specialized solution to promote green and renewable energy in order to help reducing problems associated with energy consumption and the green house effect. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, and clean energy, which benefits our society and future of our next generation.

Out of this conviction is born “Anubal Energies”.

Renewable Energy for Your Building

“Anubal Energies” provide you everything which is required to make your business EcoSmart and green energy friendly. We are specialized in providing renewable energy solutions and products for commercial usages. As a renewable energy EPC company, we offer leading edge system design, distribution, financing, installation of modules and monitoring services.

Our solutions slot in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & Energy Monitoring, educates our customers in green energy & its implementation which provides them the opportunity to contribute in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help reverse global climate change and also optimize their renewable energy usage. Our unmatched product selection criteria and expert system design along with a professional installation and exceptional customer service makes us the unique EPC Company.
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Renewable Energy for Your Home

“Anubal Energies” strives to provide customized solutions specially designed for your domestic energy requirement and help you make your home Eco-Friendly and energy efficient. We know every home is special and has different requirements.

Hence, our in-house engineering team visits your home and provide you solutions that are based on your building’s architecture and its energy requirements. Our customised design and best quality product selection followed by excellent installation and exceptional after sales & customer service make “Anubal Energies” a company to trust.

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Renewable Energy for Your Farm

At “Anubal Energies” we understand that Farmers are back bone of any economy and a very innovative group of the community which strives to save costs and optimize their production. Hence, we provide a complete analysis, based on energy consumption and the costs which a farmer pays for energy. Based on our analysis which we recommend many cost effective ways to become more energy efficient, eco-friendly.

Our off-grid solar water pumping systems which allow year-round watering without using conventional electricity and energy help plan for future & save energy cost efficiently. Various water pump sizes are available to meet your requirement.
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Welcome to anubal energies

At “Anubal” we focus on developing specialized solar panels/modules called Building Incorporated Photovoltaic to promote green and renewable energy in order to help reducing problems associated with energy consumption and the greenhouse effect. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, and clean energy which will benefit our society as well as the future of our children.
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We are the leaders in Industry!

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Our mission is to become the lowest-cost power producer in the world. We sell solar power in India on long-term fixed-price contracts to our customers, we lowered Levelized cost of energy through value engineering, operational research and efficient financial strategy to deliver cost-efficient energy for our customers.

We understand that every customer is different and has different requirement. Hence, our in house engineering team visit each customer personally to understand the exact requirement and based on the survey conducted by the team, we provide a solution specially customised ,which is best suited and commercially viable for our customers

Anubal Energies’ expert installation team has extensive experience in building high standard, best performing project. We use only the highest quality products & components & integrate it with scrupulous attention

“Anubal Energies” provide complete project management services from designing solutions to execution and handover. At every stage, we involve the client and perform internal audits to ensure timely execution of the projects beyond expectation

“Anubal Energies” optimise your investment by using world class, highly efficient and best performing solar modules & inverter at lowest possible cost. If available, we also assist our customer to avail various central & state governments’ incentives, which further optimise return on investments; we also help our customers to get debt from various financial institutes & banks at a lowest rate of interest which also helps in achieving high ROI.

“Anubal Energies” provide various financing options to our customers such as BOOT (Built Operate Own Transfer) model, repayment of project on EMIs, loan and leasing.

Anubal Energies


Satish Saini

The end-to-end renewable energy solutions by Anubal Energies are unbeatable. The company is itself a brand name to trust. Their solar panels have just wiped out our electric bills.

Shravan Kumar

I decided to install a large ground mounted system to support my domestic electrical usage. I had words with many and decided on Anubal Energies due to their high reliability. It has now been months and they still are rocking. Cheers to Anubal Energies!